While you may take care of your health, do you regularly visit a dentist? It’s important to ensure the health of your teeth and gums by taking preventive measures, namely having a dental examination every six months. However, many people believe that a visit to the dentist is expensive! As a result, even if you care about your oral health, you may hesitate to go for a dental exam because you don’t know how much the professional will charge.

To help give you a clearer picture, here’s some important information regarding dentist fees in 2021 for the most common procedures..

How do dentists establish their prices?

First of all, you should be aware that the Quebec Association of Dental Surgeons (ACDQ) publishes an annual Fee Guide and Description of Dental Treatment Services (commonly called the “Fee Guide”). The purpose of this document is to serve as a reference for dentists to aid them in determining a price that’s fair and reasonable—both for themselves and for their patients—with regard to the various dental procedures they perform. These ACDQ guidelines are only suggestions; dentists are free to set their own rates. Therefore, in 2021, dentists’ fees may vary from one dental office to the next.

As a patient, you do not have access to this guide, as the ACDQ does not distribute it to the public but rather reserves it for use by professional dentists. However, in accordance with dentists’ code of ethics, professionals must inform their patients regarding costs and treatment methods and obtain their consent before initiating any procedures.

Factors dentists consider when calculating their fees

  • The state of the patient’s oral health: the poorer the condition of the patient’s teeth, the more numerous, complex and costly the treatments will be
  • The time it takes to perform the procedures
  • The difficulty, complexity and scope of the treatment
  • The number and position of the teeth requiring treatment
  • The location of the dental clinic: the rates will undoubtedly be higher in downtown Montreal than in an outlying region
  • Since last year, dental offices have also been allowed to add a COVID surcharge to their bills in order to offset the numerous expenses that are necessary in order to engage in their practice in an environment that’s safe and healthy for everyone involved. The ACDQ has established a $15 surcharge per practitioner (dental hygienist, dentist, etc.) for this optional surcharge.

Certain treatments are covered by the Quebec Health Insurance Board (RAMQ)

In Quebec, in the event of trauma or illness, anyone insured by the RAMQ is entitled to certain dental services in a hospital setting at no charge. Any related examinations, x-rays and local or general anesthesia are also covered.

Financial aid recipients and their dependants may have access to various dental services that are covered by the RAMQ (as defined according to their situation) and that are provided in a dental clinic or hospital setting.

Examples of adult treatments covered by the RAMQ

  • Drainage of an abscess
  • Extraction of a cyst or tumor
  • Reduction (setting) of a fracture
  • Repair of a soft tissue tear
  • Treatment of an inflamed bone
  • Treatment and repositioning of the jawbone
  • Treatment of the salivary glands

Tooth and root extractions are not covered.

Treatments for children under 10 years of age

Children under 10 can receive certain dental services at no charge at a clinic or in a hospital setting. These services include the following:

  • Annual and emergency examinations
  • X-rays
  • Local or general anesthesia
  • Amalgam (“silver”) fillings for bicuspids and molars
  • Composite (“white”) fillings for front teeth (in certain cases)
  • Tooth and root extractions
  • Prefabricated crowns

The fees for cleaning, tartar removal, fluoride treatments, sealing pits and fissures and orthodontic services are not covered by the RAMQ.

For more information on dental services covered by the RAMQ, visit their website.

Examples of fees for common dental treatments in 2021

Here’s an overview of the costs of the most common dental procedures in Quebec.

Full regular examinations

In general, an examination includes a full cleaning, tartar removal and oral x-rays to detect the presence of cavities, among other things. The cost of an examination ranges from $86 to $104, plus $32 to $85 for regular x-rays or $80 for panoramic x-rays, plus the fees for cleaning and tartar removal. Therefore, you can expect to spend approximately $250 for a full examination.


The cost will vary drastically depending on various factors, including the condition of the cavity (requiring one to five facets), the type of tooth (front tooth, bicuspid or molar) and the type of filling material (amalgam or composite). A composite filling costs about 45 percent more than an amalgam filling. Therefore, you should plan to spend between $75 and $366 for a filling.

Root canals  

This procedure is obligatory if the nerve of the tooth is infected. In this case, the cost of the treatment will depend on the nature of the tooth, i.e. the number of roots. An incisor, for example, will only require one canal, while a molar will require four. Therefore, the price can vary from $525 to $1,110.

Tooth extractions  

In this case, the price will once again depend on the nature of the tooth. A simple extraction will cost around $125, while the cost of extracting a wisdom tooth can be as high as $425.


Crowns enable preserving a damaged tooth by protecting the remaining structure. As in the case of a filling, the cost will vary depending on the type of tooth, the materials used and the techniques employed. There will be an additional lab fee ranging from $250 to $400. Therefore, the total price will be between $1,000 and $1,200./span>

Teeth whitening  

This treatment can take place at a dental office or at home and will require an average of 2 or 3 one-hour sessions. You can expect to pay between $500 and $1,000 per session.

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